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A Book Club Proverb of Gratitude

Thankful for book friends Happiness is discovering new books with your group Always excited for the Lotus Flower Book Club Book - transforming our lives and motivating us to achieve impossible dreams! Spending time with some of the best people! Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world ~L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables

As my book club starts preparing for the next exciting book that we will read; I encourage you to find your place of tranquility; once there being to reflects on what you are striving to “Become.” I am thankful for Michelle Obama and her book “Becoming.” The cutting-edge memoir was no short of amazing! I believe I always loved Michelle Obama. Her grace and dignity always seemed to come as a gift from above. Her spirit is so incredibly deep and strong. The stories from her childhood, her brother, her neighborhood, her family, inform us in a brilliant voice about what it was like in the place and time she grew up.

Michelle Obama has the empathy and the depth of character so missing in her media portrayal. I always felt worried that we were suffocating her. But there is a Michelle Obama who is bigger than the words on a page. She knows our pains, and she understands our lives. And we know her in this book. In this most private book, we know her in a way we could not have otherwise. Interesting that nothing here surprises me, it only affirms what I felt like I know: Michelle Obama is a person like us. She worked and suffered and overcame. Her storytelling skills are exquisite. It left me a little breathless to hear her voice, unfettered and real.

I am looking forward to our upcoming discussion on June 17th at 7pm EST. Streaming Live:

Please note: Our featured book for the month of June will be announced on Thursday, May 27th via Facebook live!

Happy Reading and Happy Blooming! Dr. P


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