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The Color of HOPE; African American Mental Health in the Church

lotus flower

The common name for Lotus flower is the water lily. It has the characteristic of opening in the morning and closing during the night.  This characteristic symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. In addition, the symbols are used in depicting the deceased once they get to the underworld. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and rises through the murky waters to bloom into a beautiful pink and white flower. It signifies strength as it moves from the dark into the light. It also symbolizes inner strength in that it shows the determination to come out of difficulties. The very delicate flowers are also used for decoration in ceremonies and events in that it fills the atmosphere with positivity and natural fragrance.

Dr. Robinson's life exemplifies the characteristics of the beautiful Lotus Flower; a sheer blend of beauty, determination, and courage.


Exciting news!  Dr. Pamela Robinson has released her first book, The Color of Hope.  This work was originally a dissertation that she completed for Apex School of Theology entitled: “Educating the African American Church Toward Those with Disabilities to Have an Attitudinal Change” in partial fulfillment for the Degree of Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies.


The Color of HOPE: African American Mental Health in the Church challenges the community to acknowledge those who struggle with mental health issues and to work together toward solutions.  Through this thought-provoking guide, Dr. Robinson shares how to normalize, not marginalize those in families, churches, or the community diagnosed with mental illness.  After years of research and community input, Dr. Robinson has created a tool to educate, equip, and empower churches and agencies to better the lives of those who need mental health services. 


The Color of HOPE, while created to address the African American Church community, is a valuable resource to those of all denominations and ethnicities who are caregivers and care receivers of mental health services.


The book is available on at:, at the Kalamazoo Public Library Michigan News Agency, Detroit Book City, or you may purchase and autographed copy from Dr. Pamela Robinson by sending your contact information to


For speaking engagements or to purchase bulk orders, call 269-321-0021 or visit

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Praise for "The Color of HOPE"

“The Color of HOPE” brilliantly resurrects the spirit of authentic apostleship and the infinite scope of the Great Commission. The deficits of modern-day Christianity lay bare in an appeal to expand the systematic practices of Christians both individually and collectively, as the complexities of “the least of these” lovingly unfolds. Jesus’s passion for the invisible, the forgotten, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised and their mental state, become evident as the Savior’s heart is presented. Like Jesus, Dr. Robinson knows no exception to her salvific endeavors, and prepares readers for God’s grace and healing throughout the inspired teachings in “The Color of HOPE.”


Deborah Spence, Ph.D.

CEO, Need to Talk, LLC

Congratulations Dr. Robinson! This is a much-needed guide that will assist churches in their quest to develop more inclusive and relevant faith development experiences for individuals with disabilities and their families. The models provided throughout can be used together or separately to promote education for members of the Body and increase the meaningful inclusion of individuals with disabilities and/or those living with mental health disorders. Everyone deserves the right to have a relationship with Jesus and experience spiritual growth in a faith community. The Color of Hope: African American Mental Health in the Church amplifies that calling and provides concrete steps to support ministries as they strive to educate members about disabilities, accommodate the needs of the body, and develop more inclusive faith communities.


Dr. Luchara Wallace, Associate Professor of Special Education and Director of the Lewis Walker Institute at Western Michigan University

Dr. Robinson, I feel that you have undertaken a very important project and have been met with the success of changing attitudes in African-American communities toward mental illness! The Black Church, in particular, needs more pastors and clergy who will use their powerful voices to advocate for those who are mentally disabled, and you embody that boldness and justice in your ministry. The historical and cultural perspectives truly help the significance of your work to stand out even more.


The Armstrong Center for Hope

Dr. Tonya Armstrong

Durham, NC

You will find Dr. Pamela Robinson’s book very practical as she writes with passion and understanding from both lived and professional experience.  Her desire to educate and affect community acceptance of people with disabilities is a result of diverse field research and community outreach.  She challenges all people and desires to equip the church, faith and professional communities to offer unconditional love through breaking ethnic, socioeconomic and racial barriers.  There is no greater need today than to share God’s wholeness and love with broken people!

Sara L Collison, Co-author “What Is In Your Hand? A Journey Toward Shalom” and Co-founder of SHALOM INC. of Kalamazoo, Michigan, a nonprofit organization which has served adults with disabilities for 30 years.

I thank God for the work that Dr. Robinson has done in this area. I stand in agreement with every Petition and declaration to destroy the work of the enemy where mental illnesses seeks to be a stronghold. I encourage us each to seek Godly counseling and professional therapy as a part of maintaining a balanced life in Jesus name.


Alberta Walker-King, MA

Playwriter and Actress

Commerce Township, Michigan

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