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The Lotus Flower Podcast -Host Dr. Pamela Robinson

My special guest on The Lotus Flower Podcast today is Dr. Dr-Ketra L. Davenport-King.

Dr. Ketra is an award winning author that has written a fictional memoir (Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass) based on her true-life events that is easy to digest and will hopefully inspire victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in silence to speak their truth.

Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass is riveting! A transparent story of Kassidie that is, unfortunately, the story of so many young girls that is never told. I asked myself as I read this book, how does anyone retain from a resemblance of sanity, let alone become a beacon of light and hope for others who have experienced something so damaging. She was Shattered! Yet, by the grace of God, somehow, she has been able to put her life back together again. Dr. Ketra is a mother, daughter, sister, and my lovely wife. Since the moment we met, I knew she was no ordinary lady, living an ordinary life. She is empathic, unique, intelligent, beautiful, and dynamic with all of the qualities, I believe, formed in the crucible fires of the sexual abuse and struggles of her life that she overcame! She is a precious gift from God, and as you read this story, you will laugh, cry, and rejoice through her life's journey toward VICTORY. - Pastor Willie L. King, Full Gospel Fellowship Church, Vernon, TX

According to Dr. Ketra, "The Struggle Has no Hold on the Outcome."

Listen to the episode in its entirety by clicking on the link below:


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