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I am super excited to announce that we are featuring three authors that are friends and colleagues of mine, as well as featuring my newly released book, for our November book club choices. Ms. Lalonie Willhite, Ms. Evelyn Barnes, Mrs. Onyx King, and Dr. Pamela Robinson.

The lotus flower book club takes into account the interests and concerns of all people who enjoy reading books written about and by African American people, regardless of publisher, regency of publication, or book promotions geared at manufacturing sales.

Quite simply, our book club is a representation of the kinds of literary content that matters most to you.

So, without further ado, we present our book poll for the month of November . . .

Following are or four book choices.

#1 - I've Already Made It, Lalonie Willhite

I’ve Already Made It is a book that’s about survival: surviving abuse, abandonment, foster care and so much more. However, this book is about way more than that. The author tells the reader her life story with a purpose. Her purpose is to show all of us that God was working in her life, even when she didn’t know it, or even know who he was. He was still there.

#2 - These Shoes - A Spiritual and Poetic Journey, Evelyn Barnes

I used to ask the Lord to fill my cup. Then one day, it occurred to me that if my cup was only filled, then that's only enough to bless and hold me. So I prayed to the Lord about it. He put a little extra somethin', and I began to experience an abundance of the Spirit. I thanked God that day because I had experienced overflow.

Overflow allows every willing human being to spread that extra spiritual energy to someone whose cup isn't quite full. It's commonly manufactured from within and spills out like lava from a volcano. It is extremely contagious. But the feeling is simply unbeatable. Christians that are working a foundation from inside out most times will always experience overflow.

#3 - Pandemic, Onyx King

"I AM GOING TO DIE"This was the thought running through my mind as I lay on that gurney in the emergency room.Honestly,I did not know whether or not that was true, but what I did know was that I could barely breathe.I had a horrible cough, and my temperature was 102.8, and I was deathly afraid.

4 - Blooming with HOPE: Parenting Education, DrPamela Regina Robinson

As the saying goes "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Dr. Robinson found out that this proverbial phrase was the bona fide truth. Therefore, in the face of adversity she exhibited a positive can-do attitude, making a potential sour situation into a positive circumstance. Accordingly, in January 1994, her courageous journey by way of single parenting began. During this time Dr. Robinson found herself a divorced African American woman, left to raise three small children on her own. Although she was devastated by the situation, in the wake of the staggering life circumstance, she saw it as an opportunity to re-frame the situation of being a single parent into a positive resource for herself and other single parents who would pass through the same treacherous waters, she had been able to successfully navigate because of God’s grace and mercy.

Moreover, utilizing her own life experience as a former single parent, she wrote Blossoming with HOPE: Parent Educational Manual. Blossoming with HOPE fills a critical gap in currently limited resources for African American parents.

This timely parenting resource combines real life scenarios with practical exercises. Anyone curious about how to walk with a child through tumultuous times needs to purchase this manual.

Please make a selection via clicking “like” in the comment section or typing your choice in the Chat Box. This week we will feature each book on our Facebook and Instagram sites.

Bear in mind, the book poll will end on Saturday, October 30th at 11:59pm.

The winning book will be announced via Instagram on Sunday, October 31st at 7pm EST on Instagram dr_pamela_robinson.

Happy Reading and Happy Blooming! Dr. P

#Giving African American Authors a Platform #This is God’s doing. And it is marvelous in His sight.


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