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Thank you for Listening to our Podcast

Thank you, EVERYONE, for your generous words of encouragement and to all our guests who have to date shared their insights. Our Podcasting would not be where it is now if it were not for our listeners. You are the ones that make our podcasting go round. It has been an exciting few months with more amazing interviews scheduled.

The world of audio is vast. According to psychologists, the sense of hearing is one that sets memory the longest. Good chance you could recite a TV ad from when you were a child. Perhaps I remember all the words to Spiderman! I love consuming podcasts as my way of learning because I can multitask. It is portable learning: listen while on a walk, in a car, on a train, on a plane. Have earbuds, can learn.

For those who wish to join in on the fun of the podcast world, here are the basics you need to hook yourself up to a very efficient way to learn and be entertained.

Listen on your Computer:

The simplest way to listen on your computer is to visit the website hosting the podcast, find the appropriate page and click on the link provided. For the Meeting Architect Podcast, you can find it on our website under The Meeting Architect Podcast tab.

Listen on your Smartphone:

The most convenient way to listen to a podcast is through a mobile device.

If you have an Apple product you can use the Apple Podcasts app which can be downloaded from the app store or search your apps as it has become standard to add it to the devices.

If you have an Android phone you can download a podcasting app such as Stitcher or Spotify.

Once you have the apps downloaded simply search for the podcasts you are looking for or browse to find ones you might be interested in.

Listen in Your Car:

The most common place to listen to podcasts is in the car. You will need to have a Bluetooth connection to do so and most recent cars have this capability. No Bluetooth connection? Then you can use a cable to connect your phone to the car’s audio output.

Once you have found the podcast that you like make sure to hit the subscribe button so that you can receive notifications when the next episode for your favorite podcast has been uploaded.

Don’t miss an episode of the Lotus Flower Podcast! Follow your choice of Podcast providers from the three below, listen to the latest podcast and make sure to subscribe!

Tune in on Spotify:

Tune in on RSS Feed:

Tune in on our website:


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