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Helping the Creator Clothe the World: Sheryl Lynn Apparel LLC

The Lotus Flower Podcast - Special Guest Ms. Sheryl Lynn Haymon Owner By Sheryl Lynn Apparel LLC Fashion Designer / Technical Designer Inglewood, CA

Discussion Topic: Helping the Creator Clothe the World: Sheryl Lynn Apparel LLC (Link to YouTube podcast episode)

Podcast Discussion Points  Helping the Creator clothe the world. (I like to say “The Creator was the 1st Tailor then He made ME!)  Encouraging our Queens. (Helping Ladies of our community see themselves as a Queen through By Sheryl Lynn’s Queens Project)  Senior moments (Our Elders have been leading so long are WE prepared for what’s to come!)

CONTACT Phone: 310-846-7294 WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Prior to this month the podcast only aired on an audio platform. However, starting in January we began to stream on a visual (video) platform as well YouTube.

Moreover, the podcast airs on Spotify, RSS Feed,,, Amazon Music/Podcast, and Google Podcast. I am attaching the links to our podcast sites at bottom of this post. You can easily find the sites by clicking on the links or simply going to the individual podcast platform and typing in the name Lotus Flower Podcast.

Our podcast airs on the following national platforms. Tune in on Spotify:

Podcast Co-Host Reverend Curtis L Robinson Sr. Reverend Dr. Pamela Regina Robinson

Help us to reach 1,000 subscribers by June 2022. Please be sure to like, comment and subscribe to the Lotus Flower Podcast.


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