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🌸 Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! 🌸

Let's unite to prioritize mental health, spread awareness, and dismantle stigma! Join me this Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 7pm EST for a transformative episode of the Lotus Flower Podcast, streaming live on Dr. Pamela Robinson's Facebook page and the Lotus Flower YouTube Channel.

I'm thrilled to welcome Anneshia Freeman, MBA, MSW, CADC, CPRM, as our special guest. Anneshia is the visionary behind the groundbreaking cognitive restructuring and resocialization program, "The Lies That Bind – The Legacy of the Locks®" (also known as The Lies That Bind®). As a highly esteemed motivational speaker, trainer, and published author, she brings invaluable expertise to our conversation.

Our topic? Healing from a Trauma-Based Belief System. Together, we'll explore strategies for breaking free from patterns rooted in trauma, fostering resilience, and reclaiming our power.

The Lotus Flower Podcast is a vibrant, biblically-based platform where we dive deep into raw, authentic conversations often sidelined on social media. From comedy to religion, music to mental health, and fitness, we cover a diverse array of topics. And as always, we're committed to amplifying African American voices and addressing issues vital to our community's well-being.

Join us for an enlightening discussion, practical insights, and empowering dialogue. Let's journey towards healing and liberation together!  #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #LotusFlowerPodcast


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