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Emerging HOPE Worship Service

Join us this Saturday, March 28th at 4pm as we will be streaming live from our home.

Reverend Curtis Robinson, Sr. will share a message hope.

Welcome to Emerging HOPE Ministries! At Emerging HOPE, you’ll find a church committed to seeing lives changed through the gospel. We are a group of imperfect people who serve a perfect God. We worship together, do life together, and together, we would love to see Emerging HOPE as a place you can call home. We sense that there are some who are paralyzed with fear. Their conversations are laced with fear and scarcity. But there are others who see this as an opportunity to step up and do something different. Even if it's scary. Those are the people who are going to find a new way of life. Limitless living. Abundance. These are Our people. People who know there is more. People who see this as an opportunity to jump. They believe this is the push they've been waiting for. If you been following us on social media, you will know that my wife, DrPamela Regina Robinson encouraged you in her Brown Bag Lunch Group this week to "Stay on the Wall" Nehemiah 1:1-7. I am attaching the link below to the Facebook Live Group: Blessed to be a blessing, Emerging HOPE Ministries Co-Pastors Reverend Curtis L. Robinson, Sr. Reverend Dr. Pamela DrPamela Regina Robinson


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