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Emerging HOPE Ministries

Emerging HOPE is a ministry committed to preaching the gospel, evangelizing, educating, equipping, and empowering under-resourced individuals, single parenting households, and families with resources, practical assistance, emotional encouragement and social networking to better their lives, and those of their children. The ministry promotes the well-being of the individual, family, and community through programs, services, and information. Emerging HOPE is rapidly being recognized as the go-to resource in the urban Kalamazoo area for helping to promote mental health in diverse communities, cultural perspectives on mental health, knowledge, hope, and healing to individuals, families, and communities touched by mental illness. Apostolic Covering James A. Rorie, Founder and Overseer of Faith Deliverance Cathedral Ministries, Incorporated Hollywood, Florida


Bible Study

Saturdays (First and Third)

4:00pm EST

Worship Service

Sundays (Every Week)

4:00pm EST

Streaming live on Facebook: Emerging HOPE Ministries:

Our AIM:


To increase vision

To build relationships

To encourage fellowship

To receive teaching and ministry

To connect with a global vision

To be personally strengthened and refreshed


· Live Stream Church Services


· Live Stream Bible Study

· Culturally Relevant Mental Health Wellness Services

· Pastoral Counseling

· Outreach Programs for Urban Youth

· Lotus Flower Book Club​

Lotus Flower Podcast

HOPE Casting Blog

· Holiday Gift Baskets Giveaways

· Educational Workshops

· Self Determination Living Consultation Services (Adults with Intellectual Disabilities)


· Emerging HOPE empowers socially and under-resourced parenting households towards self-sufficiency, while adding value to families.

· Emerging HOPE engages under-resourced individuals and families in meaningful activities to nurture leadership and influence in the community.

· Emerging HOPE strengthens under-resourced individuals and families through spiritual enrichment activities, enabling them in the community.

· Emerging HOPE empowers children, adolescents, and adults to live healthy, fully functioning lives.

· Emerging HOPE promotes the well-being of the individual, family, and community through programs, services, and information.

· Emerging HOPE utilizes strategies to help promote mental health in diverse communities.

· Emerging HOPE offers resources which are helpful in addressing and reducing minority mental health disparities.

· Emerging HOPE's interpersonal skills are our best quality. We are comfortable in presenting a positive public image interacting with potential donors and communicating with various levels of stakeholder.

· Emerging HOPE takes great pride in running a successful organization and in developing relationships.

· Emerging HOPE is committed to helping people live healthy lives.

Choice blessings,

Reverend Curtis L. Robinson, Sr., Co-Pastor, B.Th. ACE, CRC, PSS

Reverend Dr. Pamela R. Robinson, Co-Pastor, MDiv, LLMSW, BSW


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