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Blooming with New Coping Skills Flashcards, Created by Dr. Pamela Robinson

Get your kids excited as they entertain themselves with our Blooming with New Coping Skills Flashcards. They’ll be proud of themselves as they learn to deal with their big emotions while playing with our fun-filled culturally relevant game.

These emotion cards teach children coping and social emotional learning skills such as how to identify emotions through facial expressions, body language, and in social contexts.

PERFECT FOR PARENTS, THERAPISTS, TEACHERS, AND COUNSELORS: Mental Health Professionals love our therapeutic games. Teachers use our educational games in the classroom, and parents use them as conversational cards to connect with their children or as learning games to aid in child development.

SUPPORTS MENTAL HEALTH: Supports emotional health and connection. Kids discover a wide range of emotions which builds empathy, self and other awareness, interpersonal connection, and models’ ways to express needs.

With this early childhood educational tool, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary students, and pre-teens, including those with

Autism, ADHD, or special needs, will learn:

Emotional Literacy

Body Language

Facial Expressions

Social Contexts


These flashcards were made in honor of our precious grandson three-year old Zecaryah.

You may order them by clicking on the link below: #lotusshopbypamela


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