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Prayer: For Your Future Husband

Greetings my beautiful sisters in Christ. As a Christian woman that was single saved and satisfied for 17 years prior to my Boaz finding me: I felt led of the Lord to share this prayer with you as you wait on the Lord for your soul mate. Many of us ladies have been instructed to pray for what we want in a future husband. However, how many of us are praying for our future husband with fervor and conviction? How we pray for him sight unseen is an indication of how we will pray for him when that season of our lives comes to pass. You don’t become a praying wife and/or mother overnight.

Staying at the feet of Jesus will teach you some things that can’t be learned in the natural! What you will read below is inspired by the Holy Spirit and I encourage you to use and adapt this to your prayer life as a “woman in waiting”.

Virtuous Ladi,

Minister Pamela

Dear Heavenly Father:

It is my sincere prayer that You continue to prepare and equip me to be the supportive wife that my future husband will need. I pray that You equip me with and further develop a heightened spirit of grace, class, and elegance to carry my future husband’s vision. I pray that I have the patience to handle everything that comes along with his vision, purpose, calling and assignments. I pray for supernatural strength to help him give birth in every area of his life. I pray that my mouth is worded with the right things to say in encouragement to support him and his dreams. I pray for the proper amount of grace to handle his vision with care and not destroy it with the foolishness of my flesh.

Lord, continue to prepare and develop the man you’ve set aside for me as You continue to prepare me to be the wife I’m called to be and the wife he’ll need during his life journey to complete his work here on earth for your Kingdom. Lord, let the words of my mouth and mediations of my heart be acceptable unto You and fruitful toward the man You have set aside for me. Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew within me a right spirit. Lord, remove all residues of baggage, un-forgiveness and hurt from my life.

Prepare me O’Lord to be ready for war and to get in the enemy’s camp to stand in the gap for my future husband. Lord stir up the gifts you’ve given him. Supply this man with the provision he needs to make plain the vision you’ve given him. Lord fill him with the word of God. Cover him now with your precious blood and send forth your angels to watch over his soul. Meet him at his appointed needs. Be his comforter, provider, healer, peace, love and joy. Increase his longsuffering with others and clothe him with self-control. Give him rest in his spirit and body when he needs it to recharge for the missions you’ve purposed for him to complete. Let his light so shine among men, especially those who don’t know you. Lord I pray that no good thing will be held from him ALL the days of his life. Lord I pray that his seed will be blessed and prosperous in all their ways.

Lord I pray that he will be wise and of sound mind every day that he lives. I pray that the effects of old age will not take root. I pray that his mind remain sharp and his limbs limber. I pray he always remain young at heart. I call every symptom of disease to never take root in his body.

I pray for wealth to flow to him through the exercising of his gifts. I pray that his steps remain ordered, in the name of Jesus! I pray holy boldness over him as he leads our future family in the ways and things of Christ. Give him a heart of never ending expectancy. Give him a zeal that burns like fire. I pray that his heart for You be contagious to others. I pray that he goes to the ends of the earth and win souls for your Kingdom!

Lord, strengthen me to be watchful of every side of my future husband. Lord let me be his extra set of eyes and ears. Lord let me be a tender pulse to every beat of his heart. Strengthen me to keep him covered in prayer. Prepare me to protect and nurture his heart and not cause him any harm. Give me the heart to serve and follow him as he follows after Christ! Finally, I pray every decision he makes lines up with Your will for his life…

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

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