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During the holiday season, many people find themselves feeling depressed, lonely, and hopeless. Emerging HOPE cares about you, to the degree that we feel lead come alongside you in your struggle. It is our desire to offer you tangle fruit of our Christian love.

We have a special gift for you. Our ministry would like to give you four FREE "On Demand" PowerPoint Presentations that are sure to sure to lift your spirits, enhance personal knowledge base, and empower you to continue. We understand what you are going through. Please, take note, "there is nothing too hard for our God to handle."

We are here to help you and to equip others to serve you better. You accepted, you are whole; you are complete, and God loves you, just the way He created you! Many Christians get nervous about the topic of mental illness—not because they don’t want to help, they just lack real understanding. However, due to this lack of understanding, they draw conclusions rooted in stigma. Mental illness is a group of brain disorders that cause disturbances of thinking, feeling, and acting.It is our hope that you will be inspired and empowered by the information that was shared in webinar presentations. It takes courage to reach out and talk about taboo subjects such as mental illness and suicide, but when you love CHRIST and your fellow man, then that love will compel you to go and share the Gospel regardless about the threat of rejection, being misunderstood, stigma, indifference, etc. In Acts 1:8 we see a power point of the Christian life, "When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, YOU SHALL RECEIVE POWER TO BE MY WITNESSES..." Power to testify of the Resurrection and life of JESUS CHRIST!


  • Curtis Robinson, Sr. - Topic: African American Males and Mental Illness

  • Pamela Regina Robinson - Topic: “It's a White Thing”: An Exploration of Beliefs about Suicide in the African-American Community.

  • Kendra Davis-Burch - Topic: Mental Health Spiritual Perspective and Clinical Perspective

  • Karika Parker - Topic: Can you see me? A Clergy's Response to Mental Health in the African American Church.

Simply log-on to our website at and click on the Mental Health Forum link to download the cutting-edge powerpoint presentations.

Just as Jesus healed people struggling with mental, emotional and physical ailments, we desire to give voice to the voiceless and marginalized and work hard to break barriers as we serve as advocates, highlighting the need to look at the whole picture and hear all the voices in the room.

Blessed to be a blessing, Ministers Curtis L. and Pamela Robinson, Sr.

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