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FREE Online Webinar - A Conversation about African American Mental Health and Ministry.

Webinar Host - Curtis and Pamela Robinson, Sr.

Join us Thursday, November 17 at 6:30PM EST - 8:30PM EST for two powerful sessions led by Curtis Robinson, Sr. - Topic: African American Males and Mental Illness and Pamela Robinson - Topic: “It's a White Thing”: An Exploration of Beliefs about Suicide in the African-American Community. On Friday, November 18, at 6:30PM EST - 8:30PM EST. We will close out this event with two sessions led by Kendra Davis-Burch - Topic: Mental Health Spiritual Perspective and Clinical Perspective and Karika Parker - Topic: Can you see me? A Clergy's Response to Mental Health in the African American Church. This event will take place completely online and will be recorded so that participants can replay the sessions. Curtis Robinson, Sr. Topic: African American Males and Mental Illness Curtis Robinson stands at the forefront of the helping professions. He has championed the cause to provide effective, life-changing services for his clients. Curtis has a plethora of educational and faith-based experience which includes graduating with honors from an Assemblies of God Bible Training Institute, ministerial licensing under the Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God, Assistant to the Pastor at a renowned Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, Chaplain with the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Waukegan, Illinois, and substance abuse counselor/program director at Chicago Teen Challenge. Curtis has been in ministry for nearly 30 years and has a seasoned and powerful word to release to the body of Christ at large. Curtis is currently pursuing associate degree in Christian Education with a Concentration in African History and the African American Church. With great humility, Curtis can't wait to don his college regalia in May 2017 as he graduates with high honors - being recognized on the Dean’s List and as an Apex Presidential Scholar.He is looking forward to starting his Bachelors of Theology degree in January 2017 and will be conferred that degree in May 2018. Curtis' ultimate goal is to earn a Masters of Divinity degree. Pamela R. Robinson Topic: “It's a White Thing”: An Exploration of Beliefs about Suicide in the African-American Community As a Christian, Pamela has come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as a comforter and a guide; one who will never leave nor forsake her. She believes that it is a humbling experience to work with individuals during their times of difficulty. Knowing that the emotions and behaviors of those suffering can be intense, she understands that during times of crisis, many people just want the pain to end and have the problem resolved. Pamela feels a special calling to help during those difficult times. She feels honored when people invite her to help them make changes in their lives. Pamela has more than 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, academic, faith-based, and human service institutions with an incisive knowledge-base that is essential for working with culturally diverse populations. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work and has two masters’ degrees - a Masters of Social Work degree and a Masters of Divinity degree. She is a contender for a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Apex School of Theology in Durham, North Carolina and is slated to complete the degree program in May 2017. Dissertation Title - "Same Lake-Different Boat: An Examination of the Attitudes, Values, Beliefs, and Behaviors of an African-American Faith Community Toward Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, and/or Mental Health Concerns." Moreover, as a Licensed Master Clinical Social Worker, Pamela assists her clients to gain a sense of normalcy by implementing treatment activities to reduce maladaptive behaviors and maximize behavioral self-control. Kendra Davis

Topic: Mental Health Spiritual Perspective and Clinical Perspective Kendra is an active member of Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church, where Bishop Sheldon M. McCarter is Senior Pastor. In November of 2005 Kendra was licensed as a minister of the Gospel. Since that time, she was ordained as an Elder. Her labor of love speaks for itself. She has worked diligently in the kingdom and has made full proof of her ministry gift according to 2 Timothy 4: 1-5 & the ability to carry out the great commission. In addition to preaching the gospel as opportunity presents, she serves as a spiritual sniper in the area of Deliverance Ministry and Spiritual Warfare. She is a powerful Intercessory Prayer Warrior, Alter Worker, and member of the Outreach & Prison Ministry. Her life work has been committed to empowering individuals to live the kind of life that Jesus died for them to have. Kendra is a 1999 & 2009 graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where she earned both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology (1999) & a Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling (2009). She is a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional. Kendra is slated to complete her Doctoral of Ministry Degree at the Apex School of Theology in Durham, North Carolina in May 2017. She is also certified by the National Association of Forensic Counselors as a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist. In October of 2009, the Winston-Salem Chronicle featured an article reflecting the life-changing work of Kendra Davis at the Forsyth Correctional Center, where she was responsible for the development & implementation of a rehabilitation / re-entry program for current adult inmates and recently released offenders who desire to break the cycle of crime and punishment. In 2010, Kendra established K*METAMORPHOSIS, a Christian counseling organization whose vision, mission and philosophy was birthed out of the desire to fill a much needed treatment gap in the community. The organization’s mission is to utilize a holistic approach to restore fallen humanity Karika A. Parker

Topic: Can you see me? A Clergy's Response to Mental Health in the African American church Karika A. Parker is a native of Kalamazoo MI. Minister Parker is a current PhD student at Western Michigan University (WMU) in Educational Leadership: Higher Education and Organizational Analysis. She holds two degrees from (WMU) a Master’s Degree in U. S. History with a specialization in slavery, reconstruction, civil rights movement and Caribbean women’s history and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Black Americana Studies. This outstanding woman of God has the unmatchable reputation as an achiever and community impactor. Through the active presence of the Holy Spirit she has prayed and brought numerous people to Christ. Through the power of her prayers she has impacted thousands, and has received hundreds of testimonials due to her powerful prayer ministry. People are healed, marriages restored, mental health challenges stabilized, suicide attempts stopped through the power of her prayers. She is affectionately called the “Professor of the Gospel” and was the first appointed female minister in the 162 year history of Second Baptist Church. Minister Parker brings a fresh approach to teaching God’s word.