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WMU Alumni Mentorship Program

Pamela Robinson, WMU Alumna and Theresa Bell, WMU Student Mentee


"Get involved in somebody else's dream."

"What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you."

YOUR dream will never come to pass until you get involved in helping someone else's dream become a reality. "What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you." Get involved in somebody else's dream.In order to possess something you do not yet have, you must be willing to plant something that you do have. That's the principle the farmer operates on. This is not something new; farmers do it all the time.What does the farmer want? He wants a crop. What does he have? A seed. He must be willing to plant something that he does have in order to possess something he doesn't have.Your dream can never come to pass until you sow toward that dream. Get involved in somebody else's dream. Every seed produces after its own kind.That's the law of Genesis. If you plant apples, you get apples. If you plant oranges, you get oranges. Are you believing for a car? If so, then go find someone else who is believing for a car and plant into their dream. When you make someone else's dream come to pass, God will see to it that others get involved in your dream.Your sowing will produce miracles. There's not a lack of miracles. The problem is they are either coming towards you or they are passing you by. When you are a sower into others dreams, then your sowing acts like a magnet and attracts miracles to your life.

Pamela recently joined forces as an Alumni Mentor. Her mentee is Theresa Bell. Theresa attends Western Michigan University and is pursuing Bachelors in Social Work, with minors in Communication and Nonprofit Leadership. After completing her bachelor’s degree, Theresa plans to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and then apply for the Juris Doctor/Master Social Work program. Moreover, she is currently a student of the Lee Honors College, Phi Sigma Pi, Tau Sigma, Phi Alpha, Golden Key, Trio, School of Social Work Student Services Committee and the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association. Theresa loves volunteering both on campus and in the Kalamazoo community with over fifty hours each year of volunteering.

According to Theresa, “being a mentee is paramount to me because life is a stream of continuous learning. It's better to have someone who can guide you and help you gain a better understanding of the field, so you do not feel so overwhelmed.”

The Alumni Mentor Program is a highlighted opportunity for alumni and students to network, learn, and refine skills together. The mission of the program is to promote professional and career development to students through educational sessions and one-on-one mentoring with industry professionals to further their Western Michigan University (WMU) experience.

Mentors are matched with students one to one and assist them with career exploration, networking, project critiques, and skill building, based on student needs and interests. The program begins in the Fall semester with an orientation and a kickoff which provides an opportunity for the student and mentor to meet for the first time and gives direction for the next academic year. During the months of the program, mentors and students determine how often they will connect and the different types of activities or events in which they will participate. We ask mentors and students to communicate on a consistent basis either by email, in-person, or Skype.

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