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Team Robinson's - Inspirational Quotes

There is no easy way to victory.

Don’t go for the short cut and get cut

Go for the long haul and get it all!

Unbelievers sometimes look at their sins and assume there's no way God could grant them forgiveness. But the moment a person is willing to acknowledge his wrongdoing, the Lord is there to accept the sinner as His child. Regardless of what you've done, whom you've hurt, or where you've been in life, God is ready and willing to forgive you. - In Touch Magazine, March 2015

The happiest people have to be those who wake up each morning and say "What a great day". They are not happy because the sun is shining or they have money, or are feeling good. They are happy because of all the possibilities.

If you can learn to laugh at your problems, you will always have a smile on your face.

If you want a gifted child then give them gifts. The gifts of love, patience and kindness. Teach them to be responsible and strong. Teach them to help those who cannot help themselves. Teach your child to be different by giving others the same gifts you have given to them.

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