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Mental Health Forum A Hit, Sponors Thanked

Panelist – Pastor Keith Lohman, Pastor Valarie Cunningham, Dr. Luchara Wallace, Karen (Shalom Ministry), Pastor Barrett Lee, Sara Collison, RN-C, Julie Stevens Emerging HOPE Volunteers – Carmela Harris and Tamara Hobbs

Picture to right: – Karen (Shalom Ministry), Curtis L. Robinson, Sr., Emerging HOPE Co-Director

Below: Panel discussion audience members; Sara Collison, RN-C, Curtis L. Robinson, Sr., Emerging HOPE Co-Director


KALAMAZOO COUNTY (MICH)-Emerging HOPE would like to thank our many support partners and financial sponsors. It was during the guided discussion at the Mental Health Forum that people were able to share their opinions about the things that matter most to them. Emerging HOPE holds Community Forums at strategic locations in our community to gather and amplify the voices of under-resourced, marginalized Michigan citizens. The goal of our most recent forum was to ensure that policy discussions taking place in Lansing reflect the views of people living with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

The recommendations from the discussion will be shared with our support partners and local legislators.

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