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Blooming with HOPE Parenting Educational Manual Third Edition  Pamela Robinson
  • Blooming with HOPE Parenting Educational Manual Third Edition Pamela Robinson

    Intended Audience: Parents, clergy, social workers, therapist, psychologist, physicians, probation officers, health and human service workers, principals, behavior specialist, individuals with a mental health diagnosis, caregivers, family members of those with a mental health diagnosis, community members.


    As the saying goes "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Dr. Robinson found out that this proverbial phrase was the bona fide truth. Therefore, in the face of adversity she exhibited a positive can-do attitude, making a potential sour situation into a positive circumstance. Accordingly, in January 1994, her courageous journey by way of single parenting began. During this time Dr. Robinson found herself a divorced African American woman, left to raise three small children on her own. Although she was devastated by the situation, in the wake of the staggering life circumstance, she saw it as an opportunity to re-frame the situation of being a single parent into a positive resource for herself and other single parents who would pass through the same treacherous waters, she had been able to successfully navigate because of God’s grace and mercy.

    Moreover, utilizing her own life experience as a former single parent, she wrote Blossoming with HOPE: Parent Educational Manual. This powerful manual fills a critical gap in currently limited resources for African American parents.

    This timely parenting resources combines powerful scenarios with practical exercises.  Anyone curious about how to walk with a child through tumultuous times needs to purchase this manual. Parents can utilize the manual as conversational tool to connect with their children or as and to aid in their child’s development. Whereas teachers can benefit from this manual in the classroom. This engaging manual supports mental health: It is proven to help kids discover and appropriately express a wide range of emotions in which to builds empathy, self-awareness, and interpersonal connection

    Blossoming with HOPE: Parent Educational Manual is a culturally relevant guide that provides new tools to help families experience more love by transforming stress and finding balance. It offers hope for families in these troubled and challenging times.

    Blossoming with HOPE explains the critical stages in children's development from birth to eighteen.  Most importantly, it instructs parents on how to maintain the wisdom to intuitively guide their children through the growth process by utilizing their own heart intelligence.

    Blossoming with HOPE is a "how-to" compendium of sound advice and recommendations for preventing communication gaps and repairing the ones that may already exist.

    Blossoming with HOPE is a "must" for parents, therapists, teachers, guidance counselors, camp counselors, and church youth leaders.

    The Manual Includes:

    • Practical character values throughout the exercises to supports social-emotional learning.
    • Techniques to teach your kids to identify emotions through facial expressions, body language, and in social contexts.
    • Discussion questions spark conversation.
    • Social-emotional learning resources that gets kids talking, listening, and learning new skills.
    • Identification techniques to recognize culturally nuances that are oftentimes mislabeled as “bad behavior.”
    • Techniques to improve your kid’s confidence and social skills.
    • Techniques to encourage creativity and build self-confidence in your kids.


    And much more . . .


      Blooming with HOPE

      Parenting Educational Manual

      Third Edition

      Pamela Robinson, DMin, MDiv, LLMSW, BSW

      Raising Healthy Children:  A culturally relevant guide for parents to put the excitement back into child-rearing, so you can enjoy your children. 


      My journey as a single parent began in January of nineteen ninety-four, I unexpectedly found myself as a divorce African American woman was left to raise three small children on my own. In the wake of this staggering life circumstance, I saw it as an opportunity to re-frame the situation of being a single parent; into a positive resource for myself and other single parents who would pass through the same treacherous waters I had been able to successfully navigate because of God’s grace and mercy.

      Therefore, on a blistering cold winter morning in January thousand and two, I brought an idea that I had been propounding around in my head for several months into fruition. As a single mom living in the Projects with little money nor resources; I took a leap of faith and sought out avenues on how to start a parenting program. Thus, the Emerging HOPE Family Strengthening Program (Emerging HOPE) was birthed.

      Its mission was to help single parents gain independence and better their lifestyle, making them capable of providing the best possible living situation for their children. Moreover, utilizing my own life experience as a former single parent, I wrote a multicultural-interactive parenting educational manual.

      The manual is utilized when teaching community-based parenting classes. Many of the parents were mandated to attend through the Department of Health and Human Services, Child Protective Services Program or through a Family Court order, I interviewed parents, volunteers, and external collaborators to obtain program enrollment information. I recruitment of parent aides, was responsible for interviewing and training parent aides’ applicants. Moreover, I interviewed families for the program.

      Likewise, I established and maintained effective relationships with internal and external philanthropist and gained their trust and respect all while seeking funding for the program.Furthermore, as a single parent, I was gravely concerned about my children’s academic well-being, especially during summer month breaks.

      Research confirms that all students lose ground when they are away from the academic setting during summer breaks. With the problems being more acute for low-income learners and African American children whose loss in terms of reading acumen is a disturbing two to three-month drop in reading levels.

      Therefore, I was driven to find a way to enhance my children’s academic, social, and emotional wellbeing with summer learning opportunities. Consequently, I decided to involve my three children in summer recreational activities. Yet, with a limited budget, how would this be possible? Therefore, I sought out scholarships so that my children could participate in an array of summer programs at little or no cost. I applied directly to the camps, as early as possible. Almost all of the camps I applied to offered some sort of financial support for our family.

      I continued in this vein for nearly 10 years as my children were on summer breaks; continuously reaping the benefits of summer camp scholarships.Realizing that most child experiences the loss of skills learned during the school year, resulting from a lack of organized learning during the summer my desire was to share what I learned about seeking summer camp scholarships with other single parent families who were struggling financially, yet wanted to have an opportunity for their children to participate in camp and other educational programs during the summer to help their minds stay sharp. I believed that children whose families were financially disadvantaged should have the same opportunity.

      Therefore, I founded the Emerging HOPE Family Strengthening Program - Urban Summer Camp Program. The program was started help children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds reap the benefits of social emotional learning, math, science, resiliency skills, leadership skills all while addressing mental and emotional concerns. Moreover, as a recruitment tool (12 consecutive summers) Emerging HOPE hosted a one-day community wide event entitled “Camp Day Out.” The purpose of the free family-fun event was to inform urban families with youth ages 5-18 of camping opportunities that were available to their children. The event consists of on-site camp registration, free summer camp scholarships, music, door prizes, face painting, and other fun activities. Parents and youth were provided an opportunity to meet one-on-one with camp directors from an array of residential and summer day programs to learn about their programs. Most importantly, many of the programs awarded generous summer camp scholarships to participants at that time.As loving-nurturing African American parent, I have a deep passion for the well-being of children especially low income-disfranchised African American youth. This educational parent educational manual is one way in which she is giving back to the “Village.” It is her hope to equip parents with the necessary tools to play a more active and productive role towards their children's educational growth and development.




      Chapter 1 The Plight of the Single Parent

      Chapter 2 Toxic Family Systems

      Chapter 3 Breaking the Cycle

      Chapter 4 Components of Resilience

      Chapter 5 Poverty: It’s More Than Money

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      Emerging HOPE Ministries

      Reverend Curtis L. Robinson, B.Th. ACE, CRC, PSS

      Reverend Dr. Pamela Robinson, DMin, MDiv, LLMSW, BSW

      P.O. Box 19485

      Kalamazoo, MI 49019



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